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I started GOLDEN RULE K9 because I felt there was a strong need for a training program where families could take their dogs to learn basic skills and manners to insure they remain an active member of their family. Too often I have seen families attend a training course and feel like outsiders in an environment that was not family or beginner friendly. Sadly these families never returned to the classes and the dog suffers for it. Once a full time veterinary tech assistant, I was deeply saddened to see families wanting to euthanize their dogs because he/she was never taught simple commands or manners. I hope to make your time with me as rewarding, fun, and as educational as I can. I truly love to work with dogs, and to help others train their dogs. I hope my attitude will be contagious and you will share in my joy of dogs. MY GOAL is that every dog who attends our sessions will stay in their homes, and with their families for the rest of their lives.


"Professional Dog Trainer and owner Shylo Gray has a life time of living with dogs and over 30 years of professional Dog Training experience that she brings to each session. She completed her inaugural training, as a teenager with the highly commended Academy of Animal Behavior in Santa Ana, CA. Then continued her extensive education in the fields of Animal Science, Animal Behavior, Psychology, Training, Management; earning general and advanced degrees from UC Davis, UC Irvine, CSULB, U Utah, NYU, UNLV, Biola, Fuller, along with numerous ongoing continuing education classes, seminars, and partnering with other Professional Trainers.", IM

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