3-Week Homestay Fundamental Behavior Training
Your dog will live with us in our home for 3 weeks and be trained in the fundamentals of obedience, commands, manners, and most importantly general good behavior. At the end of the 3 weeks, we'll do two private lessons with you, to ensure that you know the how's and what your dog has learned, control problem behaviors, and be an effective leader.
You'll get all the instruction you need to maintain your dog's training for life! Homestay isn't a "last resort."  It is a comprehensive training program in which your dog is trained quickly and effectively 24 hours a day 7 days a week by professionals so all you need to do is step in and take over.You just need to maintain what your dog has learned.
We can better address behavioral problems and have a more thorough understanding of your dog's personality. It's perfect if you'll be traveling, for those who have physical limitations, or the multitude that have busy schedules and simply don't have the time or energy to train. 
We work with most all dogs; from pups age 4 months, adolescent, adult, and senior dogs. We address persistent potty issues, obstinate behavior, hyperactivity, or anxiety. 
We can not facilitate dog-to-dog aggressive K9's as we do not use kennels or runs, this is an actual home where the dogs socialize and interact in the yard and house with one another and with the humans.
This is a two-part program. First we train your dog, and then we need to instruct you on the methodology used and how to be your dog's leader.
For Pups/Dogs Ages:4 months to Senior
PLEASE NOTE: Program limited to 3 dogs per session. 
(Dogs 6 months and older must be spayed or neutered.)
If you are looking for a fully trained dog: 
Contact Shylo for details and time requirements.

What's Included:
  • Fundamental Obedience
  • 24hr a day Training; Your Dog is Always Watching
  • House Manners and Settling    
  • Proper Socialization with Other Dogs
  • Socialize and Proper Meetings with People
  • Crate Training; Make It Positive 
  • Daily "Focused Exercise and Walks"
  • 5+ hours of Supervised Play
  • Car Trips: city, stores, parks, trail, etc.
  • Indoor Sleeping (this is a home, we don't have kennels) 
  • Training Equipment is sent home at end of session
  • Solutions: Noted Problem Behaviors (req. pre-evaluation)
  • Two compulsory lessons to train the HUMANS.
  • Food must be provided by client for their dog
In-Home Consultation Training
Obedience, Manners, & Problem Behaviors:

  • Leash Manners, walk at side, leash aggression, dog or people aggression.
  • Jumping, chasing, prey drive, barking
  • Door manners/door-crashing
  • Solutions for problem behaviors and guidelines for developing proper manners and socialization
  • These sessions are customized to suit clients & their dogs issues
  • Advanced Training / Advanced Behavior Training
  • New Puppy Consultation
  • 1 dog, 2 dogs, or multiple dogs; it's your time, so train how many and whichever dog you want. 
21-Day PupStart Program 
This program will help puppies transition from their littler mates to being in a new world; or the family that finds they need a little help with their new pup. This is a 21-day program; puppy must be healthy and current on vaccinations.

During this time, puppies begin socialization, proper meeting, and playing etiquette with other dogs, yard manners, will be introduced to a crate for sleeping/housebreaking. They will start working on house manners; begin basic commands, and be introduced to the leash. Plus, a lot of time is spent in repeat and review, repeat and review (yep, I repeated "repeat and review"): consistency is one of the most important elements of successful training. 
Puppies need to be exposed to all sorts of sights, sounds, people, and situations for proper socialization, so we go different places: you might just run into your own pup.
PupStart provides your puppy with the tools to invigorate learning and start off with the right fundamentals. The goal is to instill a willingness to learn so you can enjoy your dog throughout a lifetime.
Puppies can, and should, begin training early and begin socialization as soon as possible. Experiences should be positive and fun. Let us assist you in socializing your pup properly to help ensure you have a well-adjusted adult.
We help answer questions about nutrition, crate training, potty training, bonding, proper handling, and help build the training foundation your puppy needs. 
For Puppies Ages: 10-15 weeks  
PLEASE NOTE:Program limited to 1-2 pups per session.